Dating 101: The Soulmate You Haven’t Yet Met

Posted by Tamika on November 27, 2017

Dating can be hard work. For anyone who’s had their heart broken, hopes crushed, or trust betrayed, it can be agonizing. So many people give up on love because they feel worn out, used up, or sick of being let…

Remembering Jaiya

Posted by Tamika on September 26, 2017

I’ve loved animals since I was a kid. I didn’t have siblings around growing up, so I spent my spare time with the animals on our farm, domestic and wild. My first dog Duke was a troublemaker, always up for…

Video: Shrink or Stand Tall

Posted by Tamika on January 12, 2017

New Year’s Eve was dicey—delayed flights, missed connections, sleeping in airports and stuck in Rome when I should have been in Malta. I realize travel is a privilege and there are worse problems than missed flights. But running through…

Video: Cord-Cutting for Troubled Relationships—When Talking Doesn’t Help

Posted by Tamika on December 7, 2016

We humans have a deep desire to be understood. When someone “gets us”—really understands where we’re coming from—it feels amazing. Without meaningful connection, life can feel empty and isolating. Spoken communication is one way we create connection in relationships.