Truthaches on ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

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My goodness—can you believe it’s September? I hope your summer was fabulous. 
This summer I got hooked on a coming-of-age romantic drama series called The Summer I Turned Pretty (TSITP). Maybe you know it? 
The 16-yr old in my life insisted I’d be obsessed with the show and she was not wrong. ?
Teen love triangle aside, the series illustrates how our best intentions to protect the people we love (by not speaking our truth) can backfire in a blaze of drama. In this case, Suzanna is a mom who wasn’t ready to tell her teens her cancer had returned.

It made me realize that a lot of our entertainment is based on our human tendency to hide our heartfelt truth. 
This summer, songwriter Porter Singer and I sat down and talked about the challenges of speaking our truth on The Inspired Artist Podcast—including the truthaches on this show!
We unpack why she initially resisted having me as a guest and how a deceased grandfather’s nudging made her realize we needed to meet.
We also talked about her experience of having a parent who spoke too much truth, how astrology helped me understand my big emotions, and how I helped a mom tell her young boys their father was in jail. We cover a lot of ground. 

Catch our conversation here.

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