True Love

Tamika Schilbe is a shining light. The way in which she leads a group or works one-on-one is full of grace, depth, and deep presence. She has a beautiful way with words, a profound love of the truth and a powerful way of helping others to realize their strengths, talents and abilities. I’ve had the honour of both being her student and working alongside her. In both capacities I’ve witnessed and been a recipient of her loving support, clarity of vision, compassion, wisdom, and joy. She also knows how to “get down to business” in a way that is clear, grounded, and full of connection and insight. It is a gift to know Tamika and to witness the affect she has on all who have the privilege of working with her.

Brenda McMorrow

International Kirtan Leader, White Swan Recording Artist

I admire your courage and intention to follow your heart–you’re a role model for so many, including me. This whole experience is tapping into something very deep within me, awakening parts that have been patiently waiting to emerge. The process is deeply sacred for me, and I am deeply grateful for it. Thank you for allowing us to celebrate all of us, all the movements, all the sounds, all the thoughts, all the silences within us. It has given me new LIFE.

Nancy DePutter

Yoga Instructor

I am so grateful that my journey as a counseling intern led me to Tamika, who was my field instructor during my practicum. At the time I was a novice in the field and Tamika’s strength-based and compassionate approach helped me gain confidence in my skills and ideas. She created a supportive learning environment that nurtured my growth both personally and professionally. I always felt comfortable in her calm and friendly presence. Through her words of wisdom and example, Tamika gently guided me to trust intuition, let go of perfectionism and embrace sensitivity. Tamika inspired me to see and experience life in a renewed and vibrant way. I feel so incredibly blessed that our paths crossed.

Corinne Eastcott


Tamika, I realized the death of soul was imminent if I didn’t make a change. I found my voice and am continually working on using truth, and nonviolence to communicate my truth. It’s truly freeing, and scary at the same time. You evoked this idea for me and I will forever be grateful. I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity of knowing you and would sing it from a metaphorical mountain top! Your words can change our world.

Shauna Balger


Tamika is quite honestly one of the most loving, gentle, bravest souls I have ever met. Her compassion for all life has forever changed the way I walk on this earth. I am stronger, braver, more compassionate, more grateful, and more loving. I am more honest with the world–and more importantly with myself. Thank you Tamika for sharing your most radiant light with me, and with the world.

Maggie Brennan

Tamika embodies unconditional love, is utterly charming in her regard of the world and its vicissitudes, and enchants all around her with her sparkling spirit. God Bless Tamika!

Stewart Pearce

Sound Healer, Master of Voice, Voice Coach to Diana Princess of Wales

I feel inspired by you Tamika, bringing so much love and light to the planet! Thanks for being such an exemplary conscious leader.

Amy Ippoliti

International yoga teacher, earth activist, author

Peacock Feather

Tamika, I just really want to say thank you.I feel inspired by you! Your truth and passion and love was felt. You’re amazing! What you were saying was exactly how I felt and exactly what I needed. I felt like you were speaking to me one on one. I am so grateful for the openness and love I’ve received. I’ve never been a part of something so positive and supportive. Your truth is inspirational! You woke up a part of me that I’ve been suppressing for a long time. It made me feel warm and bright! Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I was so happy to meet you in person!

Lindsay Parr

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Tamika for all of the beautiful wisdom that she shares with such loving intention. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of sitting in on lectures given by Tamika and walked away each time with “Ah-ha!” moments to integrate in my life, in ways that resonate with me. The biggest lesson I have taken away from Tamika is to love who I am and to honor my truths whatever they may be in the moment. Hearing Tamika’s encouraging words of wisdom to trust my intuition; walk with integrity; embrace all of my emotions; and preserve my free will, have allowed me to navigate many challenges in my life. My relationship with myself has become so important to me now and my outlook on life is infused with brilliant Tamika-isms to remind me how to speak my truth through my heart. The impact of Tamika’s teachings on my life is invaluable, and I continue to draw on her teachings for support and inspiration.

Gabrielle Ananda Rickman

Certified Health Coach & Yoga Instructor, RYT-500

I’ve been blessed to have Tamika as my mediation teacher and to attend her amazing retreats. If you have the chance to work with her, it will open up your world. She has changed my life in the best ways! She is one of the most beautiful souls I know. I love you Tamika Schilbe—thank you for sharing yourself with this world.

Julie Laidlaw

Tamika is conscientious, creative, innovative, reliable, and has proven herself to be trustworthy and compassionate. She is a collaborator and a team player in academic and community settings, as well as in her role as yoga educator and director. We have been privileged to have Tamika share her knowledge, experience, and creative approaches that have benefitted students, faculty, and the overall School of Social Work and Human Services.

Dr. Margaret Coombes

Tamika has a gift for creating space to help me get in touch with my authentic self while keeping things playful and fun. I always come away from her classes and retreats feeling inspired and renewed. She beautifully integrates her knowledge, experience and insights into her teaching and writing. I am always in awe of the clarity, authenticity and wisdom with which she speaks and writes.

Tamika is a special gift!

Nadia Tymoshenko

ND, Naturopathic Doctor

Sharing your world, your friends, the students you guide, the families you touch—I loved it all. You are gifted in so many talents of the spirit.

Brahmanand, Don Stapleton

Co-Founder of Nosara Yoga Institute

Tamika is the epitome of the term, “quality person.” Everything she does, she does with an open heart and solid footing. She is a joy to work with and I look forward to the time I spend with her!

Marty Minard

Motivational Speaker, Event Emcee, and Big Personality

You have taught me so much and continue to. I feel good about myself! I feel confident in my abilities as a teacher, guide, leader, mom, grandma, woman, friend, and healer. Thank you so much Tamika, for being such a positive and supportive love and light in my life!

Wendy Varana Brown


Thank you for sharing yourself so openly with us this week, and for your gentle and enlightening introduction to meditation. It has been an experience we will remember and treasure always.

Janet & Chummer Farina