Energetic Shields: Four Simple Ways to Protect Your Energy

by | Apr 6, 2017 | 4 comments

There are so many things we do every day to keep ourselves safe and protected. We buy insurance. We bring a raincoat when it rains, and sunscreen on a scorching day. We protect our passwords—and remember them for five whole seconds.

Protections are part of life.

But the moment we think about energy and the unseen realms, we think protection is irrelevant, negative, or fear-based. We forget the old saying “as above, so below,” which means if there’s light and shadow in the human world (in all of us), it’s in the ethers too.

When energetic protections are taught properly, they aren’t negative. We don’t use them to “ward off evil” or generate fear.

Watch the video for four quick and easy ways to protect your energy.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear how this fits for you. How do you shield your energy?

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  1. Catherine Stilo

    Wow! Thank you for this wonderful post! I picked up some new tips for managing energies – eucalyptus and sound – very helpful. I have used a “shower meditation” in the morning as a veil and in the evening to cleanse. I imagine that the water running over my body is filled with sparkles, either brilliant white or colourful like confetti. In particularly challenging situations, I load my pockets with crystals – black tourmaline, obsidian, red tiger’s eye, rose quartz, carnelian and rhodonite. Really looking forward to next week. Love and light.

    • Tamika

      Catherine, thanks so much for sharing your practices. I love how you work with water, and the colourful confetti sounds especially fun! Crystals are amazing—thanks for sharing some of your fav’s. Until Soon XOXO

  2. Lyn

    Tamika…I love you! Thank you for sharing. Of course the timing was just perfect. This is so helpful not only for myself but for my little grandson, he is three. He has been seeing some spirits in his home that are scaring him. He is a very sweet, sensitive. lovely soul. I have tried the usual things, sage etc and nothing is helping. I am going to try the other methods you suggested (essential oils). If there is anything else that you could suggest I would really appreciate it!

    Lots of Love


    • Tamika

      Lyn, you are so welcome! It’s so perfect your grandson has people like you to validate his fears and support him! A good place to start is to get more information about the energies he’s encountering because sometimes even very benevolent Beings can scare us at first — ask him, what are they doing, what are they saying, what do they look like, and what do they want? Usually kids his age are more likely to share casually rather than a serious interview, so let it come out as it wants to. Once you have a sense of their intention, you can ask the Spirits (firmly if necessary) to leave. If you have a favourite deity or spiritual master, you can invoke them too or teach your grandson how to keep the loving masters at his side. There are lots more tips to use if that doesn’t work—crystals, salt, clapping, and kid-oriented protections. This is a great opportunity to teach your grandson how to be strong and kind and protect his own energy. He can learn to say in a strong kind voice, “Are you here to help me? If not, go now!” (say it like you mean it) Family of dark isn’t “bad”—it just helps us tune in to our own light by showing us the opposite. Love you so much Lyn, keep me posted! XOXO


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