Six Simple Solstice Rituals

by | Dec 18, 2017 | 10 comments

No one forgets December 25th.

Even for those who don’t celebrate, Christmas is impossible to overlook.

But there’s another event—honored by the wisest of our ancestors—that impacts the subtle energy of every human and animal in the northern hemisphere, regardless of culture or religion.

On Thursday, December 21st, we enter the cave-like womb of winter solstice.

It’s the shortest day and longest night of the year.

After that moment, our days move in a new direction, leaning into more light and less night.

Solstice is a day of reversal.

When I think of winter solstice, I think full stop. Abandon all activity, just for a moment.

In this 5-minute video, I share six simple ways to celebrate.

I started on #2 a couple weeks ago.

#1 is a work in progress for me—I need reminders.

I’ll be practicing the other 4 on the 21st—join me?

Child of the cosmos, how will you honour the return of the light? I’d love to hear from you, in the comments below.

Midwinter love,



  1. Helen Valks

    What a good reminder and guide. I still have the cards from my Dad1989 my oldestbrother Charles 2003 and my Mom’s 2007 passing.I have been thinking I need to clear them out but this has presented me with a conflict.
    Your message today helps me to see them as holding energy that doesn’t serve me. I think it is time to release that and this Thursday will be the day.
    Thanks to my Whispered Wisdom journey, I have a drum.
    I will create a ceremony of release. I will tell you at the Soiree how this went.Much love to you and your family at this Christmas time.

    • Tamika

      Dear Helen, I understand the desire/internal conflict of wanting to hold onto objects from the past. After my mother died, I kept a few of the most precious momentos (mostly letters she had written me), and celebrated her life as I let the rest go. Your mom, dad, and Charles are all so alive in you—in every step and breath and smile you share with this world. I look forward to hearing how it was for you, when we gather at the DevaTree soiree. Until then, love and yule light to you xx

  2. Carolyn Jyoti

    Thank you for helping me to mark this day with more awareness and in sacred ceremony. I am so excited to spend Winter Solstice together celebrating our rituals. xo

    • Tamika

      I’m glad it worked for you, Jyoti! What a gift to share the Solstice with you and your beautiful girls. XO

  3. Anouschka

    Thanks Tamika. Will be reaching out to Wendy to gift my books to Deva tree. It’s time to let them go.
    See you in January.

    • Tamika

      Looking forward to our gathering, Anouschka! See you soon & Solstice love to you XO

  4. Jill

    Thank you Tamika !!
    I have been working on some of your ideas already , and like you , I struggle with others.
    I’m looking forward to marking this time in my classes this week. I have some special meditation and restorative practice prepared. Hoping to offer some peace and tranquility during this busy season, and some gentle awareness of self during this winter solstice. You have inspired me further with your words.
    Much love my friend, always grateful for your wisdom

    • Tamika

      Jill, I’ll be thinking of you honouring Solstice with your people this week! I wish I could come to your classes—they are all so lucky to be with you marking the return of the light. So much love,

  5. Allison

    Loved this Tamika! That is the love language of my old Soul ?
    Beautiful suggestions to mark the return of the Sun, I will be stoking the fires of the hearth and the heart on that long Winters night. Winter Solstice is my favourite celebration of the entire year. I will carve out time for self care, reflection and ritual. Saturn also enters Capricorn, which is a homecoming for me, so will take time to journal and meditate on what 2018 is going to bring. Seeds will be planted and I will remember that I am and we are all seeds of potential ✨ very excited for our January reunion!! Enjoy your beautiful holiday with beautiful friends and family!

    • Tamika

      Sister-Goddess, your Solstice plans sound divine. Excited to give you a big hug in January at the alumni soiree! Big love to you, XX


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