The Emotion Code for Animals 


Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code is the simplest, quickest, and most efficient healing method in energy psychology today.

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that identifies and clears specific trapped emotions from your animal’s body and energy field. Yes, animals trap emotions just like humans! Their subconscious traps emotions that are inconvenient, overwhelming, or difficult to process. The accumulation of these trapped emotions can get in the way of living the calm, connected, and happy life they were meant to live.

Supporting your pet to release trapped emotions is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give your furry family member.

This non-invasive healing practice is done over the phone using muscle-testing. Your animal does not have to be present for the session, but some animals like to be nearby because they can feel the shifts taking place. Once we locate a trapped emotion, we clear the electromagnetic field via the governing meridian. Because I’ve been muscle-testing for almost 30 years, I can identify and clear trapped emotions quickly, supporting your pet to live a healthier, happier life.

By nature, animals are highly attuned to energy. Consider how you can communicate with your pet without language, and how animals can often sense the emotional subtleties in the room.

For this reason, The Emotion Code is highly effective in supporting animals to clear emotional baggage. If you’ve ever wondered if your animal has been impacted by a negative event or past trauma, or if your animal is anxious, distant, acting differently, or has upsetting habits, The Emotion Code can help you uncover their emotional needs. Together we can clear trapped emotions easily and quickly, giving your pet—and you—greater peace of mind.

“Our family cat Moxie has always been fiercely independent with a bit of a mean streak. She often bit us when we tried to pet her, and she preferred to be alone. My son was the only one that could pick her up without her biting, and his lap was the only one she ever sought out. We knew she had a hard start in life before she came to us, and it made sense she had trapped emotions that were affecting her disposition. During her first session with Tamika it was as if she knew something special was happening for her. She climbed up onto my bed and curled up beside me, which is highly unusual. She stayed calm and purring throughout the session. Later that evening we all noticed how affectionate she was, and my daughter was excited to tell me Moxi had laid on her tummy and slept for the first time ever! She let me pick her up that same evening and relaxed in my arms, which she had never done in 8 years—we were in tears. Since that first clearing she has remained much sweeter, more affectionate, more personable, and wanting to be with us. We can pet her all the time and she purrs and relaxes. No bites since that one session! We have a new cat! We are so grateful she had the chance to clear trapped emotions and heal some heart wounds.”

Bija R.

Our dog Zoey was going through heartbreak after losing her best friend, Bailey. She was withdrawn and sad and if felt like a dark cloud was hanging over her. She would just lay on Bailey’s bed outside. After her first experience with The Emotion Code and Tamika, we noticed she was more like herself. She had more energy and zest and wanted to come back in the house. She was more engaged with the family again! Tamika did a second session for her and she felt lighter still, back to being by our sides and playing with the kids.

Lindsay P.

Tamika and her pup Nova were living with us while her house was being built. We witnessed first hand Nova’s intense fear of things falling from the sky. Nova had significant anxiety about things like curtain rods, ceiling fans, and items on the edge of tables or counters. It got to the point where she would stop in the middle of playtime to check and make sure the curtain rods weren’t falling down. The day after Tamika gave Nova her first Emotion Code session, we were amazed to see Nova’s fear was completely gone. Once a trapped emotion is cleared, it’s gone for good and Nova has not been afraid of the sky since!

Carolyn B.