Truthaches: Everything You Need to Know About Speaking—and Living—Your Truth

Book Coming 2022

Do you ever feel like there are words stuck in the back of your throat that you can’t speak, no matter how hard you try? Do you ever avoid people when you have something difficult to say? Do you stop yourself from speaking up because there’s a tiny chance you might be wrong? Did you have big feelings as a child, and big ideas about how the world could be better, but you were taught to hush up because you were “too much?” Do you wish the real you—your authentic self—could show up more? Have you, or someone you love, ever held onto a burning secret that had damaging effects to all involved? Have you ever been hurt by someone who lied to you—or who lied about you? Do you long to live in a more honest world?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you know what it’s like to have a truthache. And you are not alone.

Whether in the family, workplace, or community, truthaches affect our ability to have meaningful connections with others. Truthaches: Everything You Need to Know About Speaking—and Living—Your Truth will help you make peace with these murky, distracting, and painful situations once and for all. Learning how to recognize truthaches—and when and how to speak up—will help you build a life of self-respect, personal power, honest relationships, and peace of mind.

We need to speak our truth to fully be ourselves. This book will give you the courage and skill to heal your truthaches and transform your life. 

Truthaches Reviews

“The inner journey of a psychotherapist, the story of self-discovery. A compelling personal testimony to the path of healing for clients and therapists alike.” -Dr. Joe Blom, Professor Emeritus, King’s College

In a warm, safe and inviting voice, Schilbe accompanies readers on an existential healing journey – freeing ourselves from the falsehoods and myths we create for ourselves and the people around us. Through the author’s personal revelations and simple, practical field work, we learn how to safely and lovingly unearth the secrets and lies that hold us back from leading full, authentic lives. I recommend this book to anyone interested in healing themselves, restoring relationships with family and friends, and making the most of their lives. -Dr. Robert Harding, Professor of Social Policy, Community Development, and Indigenous Research Methodology.

“This book grabbed me from the first page and is a true gift. Tamika warmly and succinctly explores a complicated topic that we can all relate to as humans. She writes with compassion, heart and wisdom – this book will change your life!” -Brianna Strumm, PhD (c)

Tamika has discovered a simple way of opening the treasure chest in your heart. The method she will share with you is a way towards profound self-discovery and fulfillment. This inquiry requires shedding light on your shadow, through the innate tools of questioning and listening for direct knowledge waiting within you. Tamika teaches you how to guide yourself into exploring the not-so-obvious questions and reactions that often reveal the unheard inner truths. This book, when practiced, will give you the strength to be your whole self. This inner strength will guide you and make available a new future that is not limited to what you now believe about yourself or the other. -Don Stapleton, Ph.D. in Creativity and Self-Development

Truthaches is a testament to the journey we are all engaged in. Truth is complex, emotional, and not without its dangers. In this book, we read how we can begin to craft the narrative of our lives, and understand it through a multilayered process. This process gives us pause to think, run away, and surface again. Schilbe’s book gives us a resource to provide guidance and support on the journey. It is a welcome guide to those who are on the path of seeking their truths, and seeking the ways to share truth with others. -Dr. Adrienne S. Chan, Professor Emeritus, University of the Fraser Valley

Used with permission, the term truth-ache was coined by Author Jeff Brown.