One thing I know for sure—the world needs your heartfelt truth. I’m here to help you share it in a way that feels safe for you.

As an author and professional counsellor with 30 years of experience supporting over 1000 individuals, it is my pleasure and privilege to support you on your journey. I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. I love trees, community, children, animals, honesty, silly jokes, random acts of kindness, deep listeners, and the feeling of being trusted. I’m a psychotherapist in private practice (MSW, RSW), specializing in anxiety, trauma, betrayal, injury recovery, chronic illness, speaking difficult truths, spiritual support (multi-faith), and pandemic grief and loss. I have extensive experience working with individuals, groups, couples, children, teens, and families, both in our school systems and in community agencies. As former Faculty, Social Work Field Education Coordinator, and Adjunct Faculty at two Canadian Universities and one Community College, it’s been my pleasure to support students across Canada as they grow in their lives and careers.

I’m also the Co-Founder of DevaTree School of Yoga in Canada (now DevaTree Education & Training). Our Teacher Training School has an alumni of hundreds of certified yoga and wellness leaders. Yoga helped me in every aspect of my own life. When I began incorporating Eastern philosophies into my therapy practice, it brought more meaning and purpose to the process. People practice yoga for many different reasons. For me, yoga has little to do with getting bendy and everything to do with presence, self-worth, and compassion. In this fast-moving world, my meditative practices are an anchor. They guide me back to my heart, where the deepest truths live.

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