Why Blessed is Messed

by | Sep 10, 2018 | 6 comments

Have you ever said “I’m so blessed,” when something beautiful happens?

I certainly have.

But frankly, sometimes when this phrase comes up, I die a little inside.

Have you had this experience too? I’d love to hear from you, in the comments below.

Tamika xo


  1. Sandra Achilleos

    Hi Tamika,
    I don’t use this saying, but I know people who do and yes, it sounds very superior when they say it.
    I think I will start saying, “I am so grateful or thankful” which, to me, says the same thing only from a place of gratitude.
    Its hard to be thankful when I am in the middle of a trying experience, but to stop and be mindful of what is happening and how it is affecting me is something I am trying to do more.
    Thanks for this.
    You look amazing BTW

    • Tamika

      Hi Sandy, so true, it’s hard to be thankful in the middle of a crisis, and maybe it should be. I think there’s also a danger of leaping to a state of gratitude too fast; first we have to feel it all. I love the idea of being more mindful of what is happening too, even from a bigger perspective. Sometimes we’re being protected or steered somewhere when things go awry. Sending love to you! ?

  2. Cindy

    I know I have used this phrase a couple of times but didn’t really like it. It was used at a time when I was truly grateful and it just came out but felt odd in my mouth. I have also found that hearing this phrase has been hard for me and didn’t understand the feelings around that. Thanks for giving me this clarity.

    • Tamika

      I feel you, sister—I’ve used it and felt odd hearing it come out! Love you, ???

  3. Hasana

    Hmmm… I’m having a hard time with this one… When I use the phrase “I’m so blessed” I use it to acknowledge what I see as gifts, most are things others take for granted. If I am lucky enough to get out of my home and have an opportunity to spend time in nature, I am blessed. If I am lucky enough to have a friend over to share a cup of tea and a conversation, then I am blessed! My intention is never to make people feel like I have more, it’s to help them find blessings in the ordinary

    • Tamika

      I love that perspective, and also love that it stirred an inquiry for you into when you use it—and how it feels good to say! Each situation is unique; we are all blessed beyond imagination. xo


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