A Medley of Little Gems

by | Jan 14, 2023 | 0 comments

Woman with Cat

Let’s start with four sleepy-heads on Christmas morning. There were tears before that photo. (I’ll get to that) but first here’s what’s on the blog:

  • a neighbourhood jaunt with me to donate a book (1 minute video)
  • a short reading from Truthaches (2 minute video)
  • a critical tool for when you feel anxious (from the DevaTree blog!) &
  • Truthaches becomes an Amazon #1 bestseller!

There’s a gem for everyone in here. ? I just know it.

But the real treasures in life are those touching, heart-stirring moments we don’t expect. Which brings me back to the sleepy photo …

One of my gifts to the kids was a keepsake copy of Truthaches. I thought they’d roll their eyes—what teenager wants a self-help book? But it ended up being one of the most touching moments of my year. They cried reading the inscriptions; they reminded me I’ve been writing this book most of their lives.

I wish you a thousand unexpected, soul-stirring moments in 2023.

Big love,



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