You Complete Me + The Inner Smile Meditation

by | Aug 5, 2021 | 2 comments

“You complete me.”

It was 1996, but I still remember feeling lightheaded when Tom Cruise said that line to Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire. It’s embarrassing to admit, but what 26-year-old wouldn’t swoon over a love like that?

It would take me a lot of years (or decades) to wake up to the hypnotism of Hollywood romance and realize no relationship would ever complete me—because I am not incomplete.

Don’t get me wrong. Loving connection (in all forms) is like oxygen—we need it that much. I think we all feel this more than ever now. Our loved ones steer us back to ourselves when we’re adrift. They make us laugh until our face hurts. They remind us to stand tall when we’d rather dive under the covers and hide. They help us know when we’re off track, and even give us a metaphoric kick in the butt when necessary!

The people I love are my everything.

But at the end of the day, the completion part is still up to me.

I can only think of one way “you complete me” applies to my current reality and it goes like this: Meditation, you actually do complete me.

Even on days when sitting still feels uncomfortable or edgy, you remind me I’m more than just a human in a body, going about the business of life. You show me how I’m connected to something bigger, wiser, and all-knowing. You remind me it’s going to be okay because I’m not alone and never have been—not for one millisecond. Whatever you call it, this otherworldly knowing permeates every shining cell of my existence.

Just 10 minutes in this expanded space completes me—until it’s time to sit again. 

To make your sitting a little easier and lighter, I’m sharing a favourite (classic) Taoist practice, The Inner Smile meditation.

Once you’ve practiced, I’d love to hear how the heck you’ve been, in the comments below.

Smiling in your direction, Tamika

P.S. If you can’t meditate right now, that’s okay too. It’s always here for you, if and when the time is right.


  1. Lisa Mosher

    Mmmm! My Inner Smile Meditation was scrumptious today Tamika, just what I needed!
    I noticed a heavy energy at the base of my spine, my root chakra…makes so much sense considering the big move that has just wrapped its warm embrace around me. I loved the experience of bringing in my third eye energy to help out, I felt this energy lighten all of me. Shine ON Muladhara!
    With light heart I’m smiling in your direction.

    • Tamika

      I’m so glad this practice lightened your day, Santosha! Much love and joy to you always ?


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