You’re not Going Mad–It’s Global Grief

by | Nov 5, 2014 | 3 comments

You’re not going mad. There are a thousand things upside down in this world from war, poverty, inequality, a failing ecosystem to personal communication breakdowns. For anyone who is sensitive and feeling the greater grief of the planet, these energies are like nails on a chalkboard for our nervous system.

At the same time there are more people awakening, and consciousness is rising. As our so-called “junk” DNA begins to unlock its secret prizes, those of us who have been working on ourselves are becoming more sensitive and intuitive than ever before.

So we feel the exhilaration of expansion, but also the grief of a world in transition. This energetic oscillation between highs and lows can make us feel like we’re losing our minds.

Good news–we’re not going mad!

Unlike a personal problem, with global grief we often have no clue why we feel so frazzled and erratic. We can drive ourselves crazy wondering what’s causing it. Lately I notice many people going straight to self-blame. “I’m a terrible mom for not being calm all the time,” “If I don’t get this contract I’m a failure at life.” or “I can’t believe I ate carbs yesterday–they’re evil like terrorism!”

We must stop this. The madness lies in so easily believing we’re doing everything wrong. We’re doing the best we can in these uncertain times.

Remember the pace of the eighties and nineties? It didn’t feel like this. Earth’s energy is shifting and there are actually significant eco-changes occurring on all the other planets in our solar system. We experience the shift as a feeling of everything sped up.

We have chosen to incarnate into an epic energy. Which means our love for ourselves needs to be equally grand. Even if we can’t solve all the problems of this world, we can be a loving witness to the events unfolding. We can hold space for change in the peaceful steadiness of our own hearts. We can hold that vibration for others. We know it begins there, but it’s so easy to forget.

In sped up times we must turn to the self-care practices that have fed our Spirit all along, and not doubt them just because they don’t hold their effect as long as they once did. We just need to practice more frequently. We are being pushed to live those practices now, not just dabble in them.

Be kind, gentle and forgiving with yourself. Slow down when you feel like rushing. Breathe deep when you feel like shouting. Pause when you feel like pushing. Meditate when you feel like finishing off the Halloween candy.

If you’re still thinking it’s all your fault, remember this: 1) Occasional freak-outs are what your kids signed up for 2) You’re too good for that contract you wanted, and 3) Eating a slice of bread is not suicidal.

We are much more powerful than we know. Every time we pause and reset ourselves in a compassionate way, we help heal the bigger world ailments. In that moment of choosing self-love and stillness, we ease the global grief. Through our personal reset, we strengthen the collective human spirit.

We make a real difference.

Now get offline. And go meditate.

Grateful we’re in this together,


  1. Hasana

    Such great stuff, but loved the part about living our self care practices instead of dabbling in them. Thank you!

    • Tamika

      Glad that part spoke to you Hasana! xOm

  2. Brenda

    THANK YOU Tamika…. wow, it feels like things are so accelerated for me right now! I do weave from WOW what an exciting time to be alive & HOLY what is happening! Your words & perspective are appreciated & insightful.


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