An Online Program with Carolyn Burke and Tamika Schilbe Cole


Are you experiencing heightened anxiety, depression, brain fog, or overall stress?

Are you ready to explore wellness and mental clarity in a deeper, more meaningful, and holistic way, with tools you can use in all areas of your life?

We are experienced therapists and yoga educators. We designed Yoga for Anxiety to support you through the challenges we face in our world today.

No yoga experience is necessary to take this course, however if you teach yoga this program will give you tools, techniques, sequences, postures, and practices to support your students on and off the mat.

Carolyn Burke

Carolyn Burke, MSW, RSW, E-RYT 1000, RCYT, is an experienced yoga teacher trainer, therapist and past life regression specialist. As DevaTree’s co-founder, Carolyn artfully guides students in the Yoga for Anxiety, Meditation in the Modern Age, and HeartRise® Children’s Yoga programs. Carolyn studied at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica where she was a Director in their 500-hr program for 5 years. Carolyn was long-time Faculty at the Toronto Yoga Show & Conference. She has designed and led numerous wellness and therapeutic groups for people of all ages, including a mindfulness and meditation program for adults in recovery from addiction. Carolyn is the creator of Mystic Moms, an online program that helps moms tap into their natural energetic powers. Known for her spontaneity, warmth, and deep wells of compassion, she creatively weaves mind-body practices into everything she does.

Carolyn and Tamika

The methods we share in this course have helped us, our students, our clients, and our families.

Tamika Schilbe Cole

Tamika Schilbe Cole, MSW, RSW, E-RYT-1000, is a therapist in private practice, author, meditation teacher trainer, and Emotion Code Practitioner. As co-founder of DevaTree, Tamika has created and facilitated numerous trainings and retreats, certifying hundreds of yoga and wellness leaders. Originally trained at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica in 2001, Tamika directed their first Canadian 200-hr YTT and their first advanced-level teacher training. She is former university faculty, college instructor, and Toronto Yoga Conference faculty. For over three decades students have experienced the warmth, humour, and transformational power of Tamika’s teachings. Her mission is to empower people to trust their voice, speak their truth, and create more clarity, power, and freedom in their lives. Her book Truthaches: Everything You Need to Know About Speaking—and Living—Your Truth comes out in early 2023.

“Choosing to join Yoga for Anxiety was one of the most rewarding decisions I have made. Words truly cannot describe how much this course meant to me. Not only was I graced with the smiling faces of Tamika and Carolyn, but I got a look into how to apply real-life advice into real-life situations. My takeaways from this training are endless. It has taught me how to structure my practice and teachings to cater to anxiety, depression, and trauma, how to use the tools provided in my everyday life, how to be an informed consumer when it comes to health trends and fads, as well as how to be more aware of emotional states of myself and others.
The timing of this course was impeccable. This past year has brought myself and my family many life-changing hardships that have virtually turned my world upside down. I can proudly say that I have never been so self-aware, so calm, and so calculated in the thick of a situation that would typically cause me the overwhelm of emotional overload. Nobody can prepare themselves for trauma, distress, or unexpected events, but Yoga for Anxiety gave me some sort of spark to take everything they taught me and run with it.”
Cassidy Turner

RYT-500, Yoga Instructor

This transformative online course includes…

Symptoms associated with anxiety are on the rise, impacting people of all ages and backgrounds.
Heightened fear and uncertainty can be difficult for all of us. This comprehensive program will support you to manage everyday stress and anxiety in a safe and supportive way.

Anxiety comes in many forms and expressions. Some people experience a feeling of recurring or constant overwhelm, specific phobias, panic attacks, social phobias, alternating bouts of anxiety and depression, unexplainable surges of anxiety, obsessions, and compulsions, PTSD, and more.

Each person experiences anxiety uniquely and medical research has not yet discovered the true cause of anxiety.

If you’re dealing with mental health issues, some forms of yoga can actually create adrenaline surges and tax your adrenal glands, increasing symptoms down the road. Gentle yoga, practiced in a specific way, offers us a way to soothe our nervous system and shift into a calmer state of being.

What are the Key Components of the Course?

What Will I Learn in This Course?

  • Why Self-Compassion is Where to Begin
  • A Holistic Perspective on Anxiety
  • Holistic Strategies for Anxiety, PTSD & Depression
  • The Practice of Tuning In
  • Koshas/Layers of the Self
  • Heart Coherence & Anxiety
  • Physical Expressions of Anxiety
  • Physical Expressions of Depression
  • Anxious Mind/Depressed Body Type
  • Depressed Mind/Anxious Body Type
  • Combined Types
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Meditations for Anxiety
  • How Healing Your Liver Can Heal Your Mind
  • What is Toxic Adrenaline?
  • Are you Addicted to Adrenaline?
  • Tools for Adrenal Health
  • A Medical Medium Primer on Mental Health
  • Healing Foods & Recipes
  • Problematic Trends & Health Fads to Avoid
  • Energetic Tools & Practices
  • How Your Psoas Muscle Stores Trauma
  • Releasing the Psoas Muscle
  • Support for Exhaustion, Restlessness, and Insomnia
  • Self-Talk: What do you Believe and Think About Yourself?
  • Reversing Cognitive Distortions and Negative Automatic Thoughts
  • Yoga for Anxiety, Depression, and More
  • Breath Practices for Mental Health
  • Restorative Yoga for Anxiety
  • Key Restorative Yoga Postures
  • Upregulating and Downregulating Yoga Postures
  • Beyond Suffering: The Path of Self-Awakening
  • Coping with Speeded-Up Times
  • Rediscovering Your Inner Playmate
  • Releasing, Dreaming, and Expanding Consciousness
  • How Gratitude and Appreciation can Ease Anxiety and Grief
  • How our Past Lives Can Impact our Current Life
  • Becoming Your Own Therapist

Are you ready to learn tools and practices to help manage general symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD?

Take a deep dive into conscious breathwork, soul-healing meditations, and revolutionary approaches to adrenal health and nutrition that impact our mood and emotional health. Each trauma-sensitive practice will support your emotional wellbeing.

Discover the underlying causes of anxiety, how to best support your liver and adrenal glands, and how to manage the hidden impact of liver stress so your body can use its energy reserves to support you.

Learn the mental health impact of environmental toxins, troublemaker foods, and dehydration. We’ve included Anthony William’s work in the course because it’s the only organic (community-led) health movement reversing auto-immune and healing hundreds of thousands globally. We can’t talk about anxiety without including this important work.


  • You are struggling with heightened anxiety, depression, brain fog, or overall stress.
  • You believe there is more to anxiety and mental health than conventional medicine can currently address. Note: This course is intended to be used alongside your medical care.
  • You are exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed and not sure where to turn.
  • You are interested in gentle yoga techniques as they apply to healing anxiety. No yoga experience is required to take this course.
  • You understand the body/mind/heart connection, or you’re ready to learn about it.
  • You are ready to learn a proven method for supporting adrenal health and nutrition, as taught by Anthony William, Medical Medium. You want to understand how these theories apply to yoga for anxiety.
  • You are ready to explore the connection between mood and food, mental health and chemical toxins, and the hidden impact of liver stress.
  • You need a compassionate, relaxed, and stress-free learning environment.
  • You want to study at your own pace, watching videos and practicing in your own home.

Are You a Yoga Teacher?
This course is for you if …

  • You or your students are struggling with heightened anxiety, depression, brain fog, or overall stress.
  • You want to better understand how anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD could show up in your students and how to help them in the context of a yoga class.
  • You need to reinvent your yoga business or take a new direction as a result of these challenging times.
  • You’re seeking tools and strategies that go beyond what you were taught in your foundational yoga certification.
  • You want to learn specific yoga flows and postures designed for alleviating anxiety and depression.
  • You’re in need of an infusion of new tools and techniques to support the growing number of students struggling with anxiety and mental health issues.
  • You want to take your passion for helping students to a deeper level.
  • You wish to create specialized classes, workshops, programs, or retreats that support those with anxiety and mental health issues.
  • Your yoga training focused on the physical side of yoga but does not meet the needs of all your students.
  • You wish to deepen your understanding of trauma-informed yoga practices.
  • You’re interested in a quality, professional development opportunity that is eligible for 30 continuing education credits (CEU’s) with Yoga Alliance.
  • You wish to study with experienced 1000-hr yoga educators with decades of clinical experience as therapists.

What People Are Saying About Yoga For Anxiety

This course has broadened my thought processes, curbed negative feelings and emotions, and increased my overall understanding of myself. Yoga for Anxiety has been so beneficial for me!”

Nicole Durocher

Advanced Level Yoga Instructor

DevaTree has done it again. I was very impressed with the Yoga for Anxiety online course. It was packed with so much useful and practical information and tools, more than expected. The materials, recipes, yoga flows, meditations, and tips gave me great tools for supporting my clients struggling with anxiety and for supporting myself. I continually reference the materials for inspiration. A beautiful experience. Thank you for making learning fun and for continually inspiring me to love myself a little bit more each day.

Christa Royal

1000HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga for Anxiety offered me rich new ways to support myself and my students through life’s difficult places. I came away with a deeper understanding of how to recognize and respond to anxiety with compassion. I feel profoundly immersed in yoga posture flows, philosophies, and nutritional practices that inspire me in nurturing my students. Thank you, Tamika and Carolyn!

Kristi Bhava Corlett

RYT-1000, Shamanic Practitioner

I never thought I could come to a place of self-acceptance. It is still a work in progress, but this course is drawing me closer.

Jeanette Dutot

Advanced Level Yoga Instructor

Yoga for Anxiety was a lifeline for me, lifting me out of a place of anxiety and stress when it was sorely needed. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to do this deep dive on anxiety, depression, PTSD and more importantly, how to offer this gift to my students and how to receive it myself. The yoga flows, informative talks, energetic practices, self-reflection, breath-work, meditation, music and specific healing foods, plus so much more, intermingle for an engaging and enlightening experience. Whether you’re interested in helping yourself, your family and friends, or your students, YFA provides a comprehensive yet manageable program that I highly recommend. Many thanks and much love to Tamika and Carolyn for creating this course! 

Lisa Moore

Advanced Level Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Mental health awareness was the reason I was drawn to yoga and it still amazes me how much the universe supported my journey. I loved all my courses with DevaTree but the Yoga for Anxiety course was the most impactful. I continue to use the tools daily as well as pass these tools on to others in my yoga classes. The knowledge shared in Yoga for Anxiety was life changing for me and I would highly recommend this course for personal growth.”

Sara Stover

Advanced Level Yoga Instructor


Cindy deJong

Advanced Level Yoga Instructor (1000-hrs) and DevaTree Faculty 

Cindy is core faculty at DevaTree and has taught in multiple foundational and professional level teacher trainings. Cindy has also studied energy healing and the body/mind/spirit connection since 1999. Famous for her infectious laugh, she offers students a compassionate, down-to-earth approach through her private classes and workshops. 

Lotus Why

Advanced Level Yoga Instructor (500+ hours) and DevaTree Faculty

Lotus is core faculty and former director of the Yoga for Longevity training. A student of yoga since 1999, her expertise in anatomy, therapeutics, pranayama, meditation, and the mysteries of the brain assist her in supporting a diverse and changing population. Lotus’ classes are gentle, thoughtful, and brimming with experience and wisdom.

Catherine Tansley

Advanced Level Yoga Instructor (500+ Hours) & Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainer

Catherine is core faculty in the HeartRise Children’s Teacher Training program. A yoga instructor since 2008, Catherine has assisted and taught in a variety of foundational and advanced teacher training programs. Catherine is also a kindergarten teacher in outdoor education, bringing joy, enthusiasm, and curiosity to children and adults alike.

Yoga for Anxiety includes 42 hours of live class video recordings and 3 hours of self-reflection and homework assignments to help integrate the materials.

If you’re new to working with us, our training style is intentionally relaxed—because research indicates we learn best in a relaxed state of mind. Take this course in your own timing to allow maximum integration and minimal stress, learning from the comfort of home.

If you teach yoga, this course is eligible for 30 CEU (Continuing Education credits) with Yoga Alliance.

We created this course to share proven strategies and techniques that you could access in one place.

We too have struggled with the lack of information available regarding the causes of anxiety and depression. While medication may be necessary in certain situations, we have discovered there are complimentary methods for healing anxiety that do not have troublesome side-effects.

Carolyn and Tamika

Your peace of mind is everything to us.

The methods we share in this course have helped us, our students, our clients, and our families.

We know what it’s like to search everywhere for answers and not find what you’re looking for. This course will help you reduce stress and save you time, money, and energy by giving you real answers.


We want you to be fully satisfied with your training experience, therefore refunds can be issued within 3 days of purchase. After that, the course is yours and you’ll have lifetime access to come back and learn as often as you like. Due to the digital nature of the content, once that deadline has passed, no refunds are available. 

* Tamika and Carolyn are both psychotherapists (RSW, MSW) and mental health professionals, however, they are not medical professionals. This course is not intended to cure or treat anxiety, depression, or other symptoms. It is recommended that you seek support from your medical and/or healthcare professionals to deal with your specific issues and symptoms related to mental health. The material in the training is intended to support your healing path.