Counselling Sessions

As a professional counsellor for 25 years and wellness leader for 15, it’s my pleasure and privilege to support you on your journey toward greater health, authenticity, peace, and joy. 

If you’re at a crossroads in your life and wondering what’s next, or if you’re struggling with a challenge that feels confusing, heavy, or scary, I can help. I can tune in to your energy, identify the core issue, support you through the confusion, and help clear what’s holding you back.

Holistic Health Support Sessions

After discovering Anthony William’s work in 2016, I healed longstanding health issues including brain fog, allergies, arthritis, low back pain, and more. Healing my own body led me to study with Muneeza Ahmed, eventually expanding my counselling practice to include holistic support for clients healing chronic and mystery illness. 

Whether you’re focusing on the Medical Medium healing protocols for physical, mental, or emotional health, the holistic counselling process will guide you to achieve your goals. 

If you’re suffering, there is hope. 

I’ll guide you through the steps needed to make the most important changes first. Your initial session will uncover the hidden causes of your specific set of symptoms, and how to start reversing the damage. If you’re following the Medical Medium protocols but have hit a plateau, we’ll go through steps to take your healing to the next level.

You deserve a life of vitality, energy, and purpose. It’s never too late to get started. 

Fee for initial one-hour session is $150. Fees for subsequent (ongoing) sessions are available in package format, as mutually determined by client and counsellor. Emergency sessions (scheduled within 24 hours) are $175.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Tamika, please email

Appointments are by phone or Zoom. Zoom is a free, user-friendly video-conferencing tool. You will be sent an invite by email. 

*Tamika Schilbe is not a licensed medical professional, nor is holistic counseling a substitute for a medical diagnosis or medical treatment.

Retreats at DevaTree Place, Salt Spring Island

Design your own yoga, meditation, healing foods, or writing retreat (minimum 2-night stay), or join one of our upcoming events.

Speaking and Events

I’d love to share stories, insights, mistakes, and inspiration with your organization. If you don’t mind a few ridiculous jokes we’ll get along fine. Choose from the topic menu below–always custom designed to fit your group’s unique needs and outcome goals.

The Blue Portal: Speaking Our Truth to Create Freedom, Clarity and Purpose in Our Lives.
Speaking our truth is very different from speaking our mind–our personal truth comes from the heart. We all get truthaches from time to time—the aches and pains that arise from hiding our truth in some aspect of life. This workshop explores how our authentic voice can get silenced and how we can heal it. Participants will learn practical tools, meditations, mudras, and toning to help clear blockages and free their authentic voice. Speaking our truth is as important to our health as exercise and nutrition.

The Art of Personal Renewal
According to George Carlin “we’ve conquered outer space but not inner space.” Discover inner space in this playful, informative, and life-affirming workshop. We’ll explore everyday meditations, breath techniques, simple chair stretches and tools for inspiration and energy throughout the workday. Participants will learn to breathe new life into daily routines to stay focused, positive and recharged.

Meditation for Yummies–because you’re no dummy.
Experience a sampling of meditation techniques and discover the one that’s perfect for your personality and interests. This workshop busts the biggest meditation myth of all–that we have to shut off our mind to meditate. With about 2600 thoughts running through our minds every half hour, for the average person “shutting off thought” is an impossible goal. Everyone can meditate. We just need to stop taking ourselves so seriously–and practice.

Deep Attunement of the Instinctual Psoas
This deeply healing body-focused workshop is for people who need to rest, restore, and give back to themselves. Guided personal explorations are combined with gentle stretches, breathing practices, and meditation. Participants will be systematically guided through the main technique for healing dysfunction in the vital psoas muscle, a muscle deep in the core of the body. The primary messenger of the central nervous system, the psoas impacts our overall well-being, including the health of our low back, hips, joints, breathing, adrenals, and our emotional responses to everyday events. This workshop requires floor space for yoga mats and involves sitting on the floor. No yoga experience is required.

For yoga-focused workshops and teacher trainings visit

To schedule an event, workshop or keynote, please call contact DevaTree at 519-520-9933 or email

Words cannot express my gratitude for the outstanding teacher training you led to our group of teachers. From the start I knew by how organized and efficient it was to communicate and organize with your team that it would be a great weekend, but the actual training itself blew away my expectations. Not only did our group learn so many interesting and valuable tools, but we had so much fun doing so! You made it safe and accessible for the heavy veil of adulthood to be lifted so that everyone could begin to connect and to see the world again through fresh eyes. Everyone completed the training inspired to share the teachings – exactly what our world needs right now! So many blessings from us all and deep bows,

Kristen Butler, student | mom | yoga teacher | moksha yoga studio director | Chiropractor

Without hesitation I recommend Tamika and her services as a facilitator. Tamika led our school staff through an afternoon of activities that engaged, inspired and re-energized. Through opportunities for personal reflection, laughter and tears, Tamika created an environment that challenged us to grow while at the same time allowing each individual to participate in a manner that was safe and comfortable. The activities designed and deployed allowed our staff to return to work with a renewed commitment to our community and to our mission.

Bret Babington, School Principal

Tamika draws in her participants to become immediately absorbed by the training material and involves herself experientially throughout the course. She is an independent presenter and moves her students from knowledge to experience, such that they complete her training beyond expectation. She has excellent presentation skills, works well with others, is conscientious of the levels at which participants are at and is able to make appropriate modifications. She is charismatic and creative in her approach to teaching, demonstrating and presenting. I recommend Tamika Schilbe without reservation.

Ruth van der Voort, Toronto Yoga Conference Director