When Relationships Change or End

by | Jul 3, 2023 | 4 comments

I’ve been nostalgic lately, thinking about some of the relationships in my life that ended despite me doing everything I could to hold on tight tight tight.

What I’ve come to understand about painful endings is that some soul contracts are just not meant to be forever. *Sigh

Whether it’s a death, break-up, relocation, betrayal, estrangement, or kids moving on, when relationships change or end it can be hard to get our heart reorganized. 

In the video I share a little something that helped me quite unexpectedly. Last month Carolyn and her kids talked me into watching their favourite series on Netflix. The show didn’t end up making my favourites list, but one simple line from the final episode made it all worthwhile.

After you watch the video, I’d love to hear your thoughts. It’s hard to let go sometimes, yes?

Ever grateful for you,



  1. Stephanie Mills

    As usual, some wonderfully wise words from you!
    Thank you for sharing this note and video.
    Changing relationships is definitely something I have been experiencing over the past few years and it hasn’t been easy, though I have got to a place where I am okay with it and am able to look forward to how things will be the new way ?.

    • Tamika Schilbe

      I so appreciate your honesty and self-reflection, Stephanie! ?

  2. Carol McKay

    Whew! There was a reason I waited until today to watch your video. Today was the day I somehow knew your message would resonate. How could you have known what I needed to hear in this moment? Simply remarkable. I have often felt like I have given enough, just not received enough. With this shift of believing I got everything I needed already, my heart feels less heavy and sad. I am learning to feel full: Satiated that I have given and received enough. What a beautiful way to feel.

    • Tamika

      Carol, I so resonate with this feeling of satiation! So glad it landed for you at the exact right time. ?


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