What Atlantis and Lemuria Teach us About Today

by | Dec 19, 2021 | 4 comments

You’ve overcome so much in your life—long before 2020—and made a giant difference in this world, just by being you. Don’t ever forget how important you are. Your unique gifts add colour and brilliance to this world. 

I see you and I hope you see YOU too.

Today’s video goes beyond basic self-development, diving into a dear-to-me topic that I haven’t shared with you before. Ever since my own past life regression with Sarah Breskman Cosme, I’ve been keen to introduce you to her gift of helping people remember their ancient roots in Atlantis and Lemuria.

When Sarah first began regressing people, she had no idea so many of us were once part of these civilizations. She discovered elements of that history which appear to be repeating themselves today.

The Greek philosopher Plato wrote of the cataclysmic destruction of Atlantis and of how its founders were part human and part “Gods”. Today people speculate these “Gods” were actually extra-terrestrials with advanced technology that made them appear God-like to the humans of that time. Sarah’s regressions add validity to this information. 

Despite that Plato was admired for understanding so much about the human condition, an internet search on his recount of Atlantis and Lemuria swiftly dismisses the topics as fantasy. 

If you’re anything like me, you won’t rely on a search engine to tell you what’s true for you. You’ll decide for yourself if you had a part to play. 

After you watch, I’d love to hear your impressions, in the comments below. Are you drawn to the legends of Atlantis and Lemuria? 

Love you so ?




  1. Tammy Shukra Doerrl

    Oh I love this topic of discussion Tamika! I have had some memories float around my mind within the past couple years and have wondered if I was in Atlantis in a past life. I haven’t done any research into this – there have been so many things I’ve been researching (Starseeds for example). However after this post, my interest was peaked with the mention of the wave wiping out Lemuria. I too have had repetitive dreams of near drowning and my fear of water is quit high. I had originally connected it to the sinking of Atlantis but this has given me pause! I certainly relate more to the social constructs of Lemuria versus the high tech Atlantis. What a fascinating topic! Thank for bravely sharing this with us! I’m going to get the book ?❤️?❤️

    • Tamika

      Tammy, I totally understand and resonate with your interest in the unseen! These times are ripe with new understandings and I’m excited about the possibilities coming to light! Shine on, Star-sister! ??

  2. Candice

    Tamika! Thank you for introducing me to this ancient civilization — what an inspiring conversation! I just bought the book and can’t wait to dive in over the holidays. Sending all the love your way! Xo

    • Tamika

      Candice, I can’t wait to hear your experience of reading the book! Love you so! Tamika


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