Growing up, trees were my people.

They calmed me down like nothing else could.

When I wondered if I’d ever find my place in the world, trees held space.

Growing up, trees were part of my family’s livelihood. Once a year, 3000 maples allowed their life-blood to be harvested for maple syrup. While my friends pressured me to smuggle them maple candy, all I wanted was to drink fresh sap from the tree. It made me feel so alive.

Trees gave so much and seemed to ask for nothing.

But I knew a secret—they did want something.

Trees long to be honoured.

Trees feel. They don’t speak human, or have bank accounts, but they are intelligent.

Like us, every tree has a family, community, and a life purpose.

Trees desire acknowledgement, appreciation, and especially human touch.

Trees miss us, nostalgic for a time when more humans napped, played, and had picnics among them. Like us, they love to be touched and even forgive the odd nail or light carving, done with love. They sense our touch and use it to collect information.

Tree hugging is no joke—it’s an exchange.

I don’t climb or swing with trees as often as I used to, but they’re still my people. Maybe they’re yours, too.

Today’s Joycast is straight from the trees. Choose bridge, growth or chaga for a personalized message.

After you watch the video, in the comments below, I’d love to hear about your favourite tree. How does it support you? What makes it special to you?

Don’t worry, tree happy,


Tara Thomas says

Thank you for sharing Tamika. Great messages today! I originally was drawn to growth but found the message in Bridge also resonated at this time. Trees are so wise, thank you for sharing their message. 💕Tara


Tamika says

Tara, thank you for sharing, wise old soul yourself. Sending love to you, Tamika xx


Brenda says

Tamika, I loved the messages. I choose Growth and loved what that held for me personally (& yet, all the messages had a huge hit of relevance for me). Thank you for sharing your love, wisdom, heart and vulnerability. It inspires me. Love to you, B.


Tamika says

You inspire me, Brenda! So much love and respect always xx


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