Stepping Out

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Wake up, pee, yoga (think rolling around on the floor), meditate, celery juice, build fire, more pee, walk dog, smoothie, work, werk, work, werk….

These are the fabulous and monotonous mornings of my life.

Turns out I love auto-pilot.

Which is why getting uprooted is mandatory for my mental health. So, I mix it up here and there—or something happens and life shakes the routine out of me.

I also book time away so I don’t get stuck on a hamster wheel.

It’s not always easy for an earth sign to leave the house. Ask my free-as-a-jaybird friend Carolyn who drags me all kinds of places.

I travel and do stuff, but there’s often a part of me in resistance mode.

Stepping out of our lives raises our vibe. It gives us perspective, and takes our awareness and presence up an octave. The world can be a scary place, sometimes unpredictable and uncontrollable. But if we want to expand and grow, stepping out is the way to go!

In this video, I share four stories about stepping out, and five ways anyone can do it.

What are YOU going to do this year to step out? I’d love to hear from you, in the comments below. If you know someone stuck in routine, send them a little nudge and help set them free.

See ya out there,

Tamika xo


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