She’s Yours Now

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It’s all about love today.

Whether you’re in love, loving yourself, or showering it on your people, plants, or pets, this week marks the season of hearts.

I’m not so interested in the Hallmark version of today but I am interested in being a little sweeter, paying closer attention, being gentler to my body, and noticing how these little things multiply love.

Love (in all its forms) deserves a little extra attention, yes? 

If you are grieving, feeling disappointed or unsteady, or nursing a broken heart (what Mary Oliver calls Love Sorrow), today’s for you too.

I’ve been there so many times myself.  

Below is Mary O’s remedy for love sorrow and it’s as sweet as any Valentine.

XO Tamika

Love Sorrow

Love sorrow. She is yours now, and you must
take care of what has been
given. Brush her hair, help her
into her little coat, hold her hand,
especially when crossing a street. For, think,

what if you should lose her? Then you would be
sorrow yourself; her drawn face, her sleeplessness
would be yours. Take care, touch
her forehead that she feel herself not so

utterly alone. And smile, that she does not
altogether forget the world before the lesson.
Have patience in abundance. And do not
ever lie or ever leave her even for a moment

by herself, which is to say, possibly, again,
abandoned. She is strange, mute, difficult,
sometimes unmanageable but, remember, she is a child.
And amazing things can happen. And you may see,

as the two of you go
walking together in the morning light, how
little by little she relaxes; she looks about her;
she begins to grow.

Mary Oliver, from Red Bird


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