Joycast: The Cure for Overwhelm

by | Sep 26, 2016 | 16 comments

I’m sending a big hug to you on this fine day—I hope you can feel it.

We all need hugs right now.

Not the “tap you politely on the back” kind.
Not the “this is awkward because we’re not lovers” kind.
Not the anxious “Did I put deodorant on?” “Did I eat garlic?” or “Does this person do that kiss thing at the end?” kind.

We need honest connection—and deodorant.

When we’re overwhelmed it’s easy to forget to connect, even though it’s one of the tried and true cures for stress.

I love the “spiritual community,” (whatever that means) but what good is being able to meditate for hours, stand on our heads, run a marathon and drink green juice wearing fancy mala beads—if we can’t connect?

A spiritual practice means nothing if we can’t connect.

I notice it in myself too when I’m rushed, stressed, or preoccupied. I get focused on my own agenda and forget about my other humans. This world needs us to see all our brothers and sisters—not just the humans we love and live with.

With so many changes going on all over the planet, now more than ever, we need each other.

Not a hugger? No problem.

Here Are Five Simple Ways to Connect that Don’t Involve Hugging:

1. Ask the school secretary if you can grab her a coffee. She greets every person walking through the door. She wipes snotty noses, balances the books, collects attendance and hands out band-aids. She listens to school bells clanging all day. Sometimes people yell at her. Make her the most important person you’ve ever met, for 2-5 minutes.

2. Smile at the grocery clerk and ask how his day is going. Listen for the answer. (1-3 minutes.)

3. Smile at a homeless person and say “hey, I hope something amazing happens to you today!” Say it like you mean it. (30 seconds.) I spent a year working with homeless people—they’re just like us.

4. Stop to talk to the old lady walking down the street. Ask her what makes her smile. Ask her what her life motto is. (5 minutes)

5. Got plenty? Give your neighbour muffins, apples, grapes, a pie, or freshly baked bread (preferably sprouted, gluten-free, local, fair-trade, grass-fed bread). Wait, don’t do this with your favourite neighbour—you connect with her all the time—give it to the quiet one you don’t know very well.

Whatever you do, the key is to connect without expecting anything back.

Smile at strangers, knowing they might think you’re weird. Give the bread to the neighbour, knowing there’s a chance she’s celiac. Don’t expect her to thank you—she’s shy, remember?

Use your instincts. Do it for your soul, to reduce karmic debt, to feel good, or just to have a story to tell. It doesn’t matter why. Just connect.

Do you do this kind of simple stuff already? Do you love it when people do it to you? If yes, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Connect with me too.

I love you guys,

PS: In the Fig Tree Joycast, choose from Soft Grey Suede, Sparkling Emerald Green, or Midnight Moon Black—and get a personalized message. I was so into it that the tide came bubbling up around us and I didn’t even notice! We had to relocate for the Midnight Moon. I’d love to hear if this was helpful.


  1. Carolyn Jyoti

    I got Sparkling Emerald Green and it really fit for me! I’m working on a new creative project and really have to watch that I don’t look too much at other people’s stuff because I find myself comparing. I don’t think of myself as a competitive person but I think this is the competition energy for me. Thank you for sharing your powerful message.
    PS – both my kids picked Emerald Green too and it is exactly what they are dealing with right now.

    • Tamika

      Yes, yes, yes! Jyoti, this is exactly it. I know that feeling too, and I love it that your kids are exploring these ideas too. Hugs and love, xx

  2. Julie

    Well well well! I needed a hug tonight and I had expectations on a situation I should maybe let go of. To be short all the key words for midnight Moon Black suited me now and it’s the one I chose! I’m working daily on letting out of worries to welcome more joy. Thanks Tamika 🙂

    • Tamika

      Cool intuitive hit choosing Black Midnight Moon, Julie! In your words I hear truth, love, hope and humility. You are the Goddess. Sending another big HUG to you across the miles. XOOOOX

  3. shauna balger

    Ethan and started a new thing this May first (may day?)
    We deliver a flower anonymously to neighbors and hear about it or watch from afar as they receive!?

    I chose Emerald green…and I imagine I’m in competition with my partner….
    So silly when the end goal is the same….Thank you Tamika for shinning the light.
    Truthsade. ..truth seeker.

    • Tamika

      I absolutely adore your anonymous flower deliveries, Shauna! What a beautiful gift to give the receivers and yourselves too; you bloom wherever you are, woman! I love your honesty. And I suspect we can all resonate with competing with a partner…thank you for speaking it out loud. Big hearts and love to you, XOXO

  4. Karen M

    Good morning Tamika, my word was sparkling emerald green! It resonated with me so strongly and it was exactly what I needed at this time. I am changing some things in my life since I have been off work with an injury. The competitiveness in me makes me think I should do it all myself. I have had some inquiries into partnering up. I have shied away from this thinking ” I can do this myself”. But I now realize that collaboration is the road I need to take. thank you so much for your insight and wisdom.
    P.S. I remember taking your yoga class years ago and I enjoyed them so much at The Lotus Center ( when it was still around ) you are an inspiration.

    • Tamika

      Hi Karen, I love your honest reflection on this transitional time in your life, and how you’re moving forward with new awareness to carry you into this next incarnation. Emerald green was a popular one this time it seems! Thanks for connecting after all these years—those were sacred times for me at TLC, and I’m sure we sweated and laughed and even groaned a little together! To your abundance, Tamika xOm

  5. Brenda

    wow – your messages continue to resonate deeply with me – LOVE the reminders and insights! I chose the Midnight Moon Black & I continue to work with ‘letting go’ and releasing expectations…. It’s a journey & I’m more forgiving to myself through it
    Thank you for connecting!

    • Tamika

      Thank you for sharing, Brenda. Black midnight moon has a powerful message, and so timely. You are beyond brave! Letting go is part of my Sacred Contract this lifetime too, so I totally resonate! XO

  6. angela polstra

    Hello Tamika,
    sending hugs across the country. i love the reflection that we are all need to feel our connections with each other whether through a hug or a smile or a chat at the bus stop or in line at the grocery store. it is a practice i have done for years and recently i was flattered when a friend said that she learned to be open to talking with strangers (friends we haven’t met yet) from watching me interact with others. life is too short not to let other know that you see and honour their presence here and now.
    my cool was soft grey suede which just seemed so comforting and inviting. i love the fact that you brought it back to the truck of the tree, the middle where the roots connect to the leaves, the support structure. i have had to learn a whole new way of standing now that i have this new knee, a whole new way of being connected, a whole new sense of balance. i stand on my whole right foot now. my poor over stressed right psoas muscles no longer needs to do all the work to keep me upright and walking. the right side of the trunk of my body can let go because i can stand on my right leg again.
    anyways, that’s me

    • Tamika

      What a beautiful reflection and connection with the soft grey suede, Angela. Having a new knee is an amazing thing, and what a journey of discovery every step of this hurting and healing process! Your courage is an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your heart so sweetly, and so eloquently. xOm

  7. Stephanie

    Hi Tamika! As always, it is a pleasure to see your face and hear your words…All week I have been planning to do some serious letting go of what is not serving me by having a New Moon Releasing Ceremony tomorrow, the day/night of the New Moon. So, when I listened to the Joycast and chose black it was a perfect fit! Thanks for the addition of your energy to my letting go. <3

    • Tamika

      After all these years it still amazes me with the Joycast that the people who are drawn to it choose the energy they need at the exact moment they need it! I loved hearing from you today, Stephanie. I hope all your new moon wishes (and releases) come true. Om Love,

  8. Hasana

    I love the idea that something soft, sweet and comforting is on its way…

    • Tamika

      If you chose soft grey suede, you must be drawing that energy in! Remember to recognize it when it shows itself. 😉 Happy New Moon, Hasana!


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