I’m Sorry ?

by | Mar 21, 2018 | 6 comments

Maybe I used the word “crappy” twice in this video because saying sorry can feel so crappy.

But it doesn’t have to.

“I’m sorry,” is only yucky in a world where we’re expected to be perfect. We’re all so imperfectly amazing, we should be dishin’ out ‘I’m sorry’ all over the place.

I don’t mean in a Canadian way (apologizing when someone else bumps into us).

In this 5-minute video, we’ll discuss how a genuine apology, or taking responsibility for ourselves, can move us forward in life.

We don’t have to blame or shame ourselves when we say it.

We can apologize with empathy and confidence, knowing our mistakes are directional arrows, pointing us toward something better.

We’ll also learn why it’s near impossible for narcissists to apologize.

Peace Out,


  1. Gary

    A very insightful presentation! Thank you Tamika.

    • Tamika

      You’re so welcome, Gary. Have a fantastic day! ??

  2. Carol McKay

    ONCE AGAIN…you articulated what I have been experiencing. How do you do it? Three things–When I need to apologize, I need space to get clarity on my negative growls and rumbles. Introspection gets me in touch with the root and I then I know exactly what I need to do to grow myself and the relationship. The other thing is I have also dealt with a narcissist. Those people are difficult. I knew this person was self-absorbed and wanted me to grovel, but I also knew it was a 50/50 issue where we had to meet in the middle. I offered my olive branch and there was a refusal on the other end. Thanks to your clear articulation of the matter, I can now see this person is fragile and unable to apologize; however, I also know I no longer want this person in my world. Lastly, it never occurred to me to to ask someone what they are sorry for when I receive a blanket apology. I will practice asking in the future.

    • Tamika

      Carol, thanks for sharing your experiences and your wisdom. I am with you that at times all we can do is walk away—especially with narcissism. ?? Also, thanks for articulating the need to step back in introspection—such an important part of intimacy, and one that can save a situation from spiralling downward fast! Sending love from Salt Spring to you and yours ?

  3. Joanne Turner

    You’re a wonderful teacher. Thank you x

    • Tamika

      Oh Majella, so much love to you and David❣️


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