Speaking our truth is essential to living a life of peace.
By Guest Contributor Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Tari Mack

Today I interviewed an amazing women whose work centers around helping people discover what their truths are, and how to step into them wholly. Tamika Schilbe is writing a book Truthaches, centered on helping people do the difficult and freeing work of sharing their truth. She discusses what a “truthache” is and shares examples and tips on how to share your truth in ways that leave you feeling more empowered and heard. She also discusses how sharing our truth is a health practice and how it relates to our personal growth and working toward our life purpose! 

I’m so happy to share Tamika’s work with you. It speaks to all of us. The world needs her work.

Truth = freedom. We all deserve to be free.

What do you think? If you have questions or comments about anything Tamika shares in the interview, please comment and share below!

 Happy New Year,



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