The Truth is Not Out There

Posted by Tamika on October 9, 2014

The Truth is Not Out There: 7 Steps for Clearing Truthaches Read Tamika’s article on Huffington Post.

Is Your Head in the Sand?

Posted by Tamika on September 30, 2014

Avoiding difficult issues is a strategy we learned in order to deal with feeling out of control. We tricked ourselves into thinking we could take charge of the emotional field by ignoring our feelings. It may have saved our skin…

You’re Pregnant—All of You!

Posted by Tamika on September 30, 2014

YOU’RE PREGNANT!  There’s something inside you that wants to be born. If it wasn’t true, you wouldn’t be alive and you certainly wouldn’t be reading this. It could be a project, relationship, career, renovation, hobby, family, book, business or a…

Obituary for Perfectionism

Posted by Tamika on September 22, 2014

Perfectionism, age 44, of Planet Earth died peacefully on September 22 from Sudden Self-Acceptance Syndrome.  Born in an attempt to fit in, Perfectionism graduated from the School of Overachievement with a Masters degree in High Expectations. Married to Lowe Selfworth,…

Pierce the Foggy Chaos

Posted by Tamika on August 31, 2014

Draw an arrow of truth back through the wise counsel of your heart. With no promise your voice will be heard, aim in the direction of goodness. Allow others their truth, but refuse to play dishonest games. Intend no heart…