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Long before the pandemic, anxiety was on the rise in North America, impacting people of all ages and backgrounds. Now, with heightened fear and uncertainty (combined with the severing of social connection), more people than ever are finding it difficult to manage everyday stress and anxiety.

Anxiety comes in many forms and expressions. Some people experience a feeling of recurring or constant overwhelm, specific phobias, panic attacks, social phobias, alternating bouts of anxiety and depression, unexplainable surges of anxiety, obsessions and compulsions, ruminating on past hurts and betrayals, PTSD, and more.

Yoga offers us a practice to soothe our nervous system and shift into a calmer state of being.

In this course you’ll learn tools and practices to help you and your students manage general symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Students will take a deep dive into conscious breathwork, soul-healing meditations, and new approaches to adrenal health and nutrition that impact our mood and emotional well-being.

100 hours March 26–July 10, 2021: 5 Weekends & 4 Weekday Nights

This 100-hr certification is open to everyone, and can also be used toward DevaTree’s 300-hr Advanced YTT.

Instructors: Tamika Schilbe, Carolyn Burke & Misty Shakti Lucas

To register, please visit: https://devatree.com/calendar/event/1147/