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Salt Spring Island, B.C.

DevaTree Place overlooks St. Mary’s Lake and the mountains of Vancouver Island. There are two guest bathrooms near your bedroom, and rooms are 2-share with one 3-share when the retreat is full. A private room option is available when the retreat is not full, offered to first registrants. If a private room is essential for you to participate, please discuss this with Tamika well in advance.

If you can pry yourself away from our little piece of heaven, the island promises to capture your imagination. You’ll quickly understand why so many artists, actors, entertainers and free-thinkers land here—the creative spirit is like nothing else in Canada.

Some people think Canada is all snowshoes and igloos—but it’s actually a huge country with different climates. Salt Spring is part of the Southern Gulf Islands and Canada’s most tropical locale (meaning less winter)—and it’s jaw-dropping gorgeous!

Whether you dream of hiking amidst majestic trees, soaking up the peace-loving vibe, or finding a cozy nook to read in solitude, you’ll find your rhythm here. As Tamika’s guest, you’ll discover island treasures (within and without) that will nourish and renew your heart.

Tamika’s taught across the globe since 2001, leading over thirty wellness retreats and facilitating group experiences that are both fun and profoundly healing. Prepare to go deep, nurture your creativity, play, explore—and laugh often! Tamika creates an experience that supports people of varied interests and abilities—and guarantees a lasting impact on your life.

Perfect for solo travelers, friends, couples or families, DevaTree Place offers fresh teachings, inspiration, hospitality, and loving support. The retreat house sleeps 7, so early registration is recommended.

Programs are suitable for all levels—no yoga or meditation experience required. For detailed information and to request a retreat application, contact: info@devatree.com