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April 11, 2019
London, Ontario
Cost: $925 + HST

Because our ability to listen inward, transmute fear, and open our minds & hearts, is the work we are here to do.

With Tamika Tara Schilbe, E-RYT 1000 & Carolyn Jyoti Burke, E-RYT 1000

Many people become interested in yoga for its stretching, strengthening and opening of the physical body.  As deepening students of yoga, we soon realize that the physical postures are both a gateway and an essential fine-tuning mechanism for receiving the gentle wisdom of our other less dense bodies–the world of subtle energies and vibration. In this course we will open and strengthen our physical bodies with asana practice as a preparation for our meditation, breath, mudra, mantra, chanting, journaling and creative self-study practices.  This course explores a number of different aspects of the Subtle Self, including the 12-chakra system, sacred geometry, koshas, the bio-spiritual endocrine system, crystals, and vibrational/sound healing. This training is our most controversial, as we expose the ways our inner power has been “turned off” from a cultural and cosmic perspective. Techniques for removing blocked energy and transmuting fear will assist students in creating deeper relaxation, clearer communication in relationships, heightened intuition and improved well-being.  Whether we interact with it or not, tremendous amounts of energy are pouring through our bio-energetic systems.  This course will assist students to ground, energize, relax, open and nurture both the physical and energetic bodies.  Students will experience these techniques in their own bodies and learn how to integrate them into classes, workshops, or private sessions.

If you are experiencing acute trauma or heightened mental health challenges that feel unmanageable, please discuss this with us before registering.  A meditation-based intensive is not recommended when dealing with these challenges.

To register, please visit DevaTree School of Yoga