Seaside Joycast: The Water’s Got What You Need

Posted by Tamika on February 22, 2017

When my heart feels heavy or I’m in a funk, water always helps. Being on the ocean is amazing, but not always possible. Cleaning anything (the house, my car, or my own body), watching the rain, watering plants or flowers,…

Don’t Overthink It—Mount Maxwell Joycast

Posted by Tamika on August 15, 2016

Hi Friends, Choose one of four ocean creatures to give you a personalized message today. Most of us were trained to rely solely on our mind to make decisions. But our creative, intuitive, instinctual side holds information that our mind…

Shine On—Free Audio Meditation

Posted by Tamika on June 17, 2016

Anabel and I, five years ago, on the day we recorded your meditation. As I sit here on the deck, Luna, my 70-lb dog is crammed in between a chair and a pillar, catching a spot of sunshine.

Men Get Pregnant Too

Posted by Tamika on September 30, 2014

Big News. YOU are PREGNANT!  Seriously, you are. There is something inside of you that wants to be born. If it wasn’t true, you wouldn’t be alive and you certainly wouldn’t be reading this. It could be a project, relationship,…

Pierce the Foggy Chaos

Posted by Tamika on August 31, 2014

Draw an arrow of truth back through the wise counsel of your heart. With no promise your voice will be heard, aim in the direction of goodness. Allow others their truth, but refuse to play dishonest games. Intend no heart…