Hello, beautiful.

Life is moving fast, isn’t it?

Speeded up times can leave us spinning in all directions, especially if we aren’t grounded and focused.

Here’s 5 tips in 5 minutes—’cause I know you’re busy!

What’s your way of managing chaotic times? I’d love to hear from you, in the comments below.

Love you so,



Brenda Dowell says

Oh my goodness Tamika - thank you! These are profound & so simple (not necessarily easy for me AND still simple)! I tend to go for ‘alone time’ - read, reflect, do restorative yoga.
Thanks for sharing these reminders. I’m grateful in these speeded up times


Tamika says

Thanks for sharing your strategies, Brenda! We could all use more of these!


Mandara says

Dear Tamika, you said something awhile ago. Cozy Up to Discomfort.
Not having enough time has been a stress/discomfort for me. Remembering what you said, I am snuggling up with the lack of time. Like a good friend, I'm finding we have lots of time together and in that I have found time. Is that silence?


Tamika says

Your wisdom is a never-ending inspiration to me, Mandara. 💜


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