Sometimes when we start something new and different and exciting—especially if it’s not in the mainstream—we get tested.

Depending on what the “something new” is, those tests can come in the form of kickback from friends and family, especially the ones who are scared we’ll change too much—they might be left behind. “Tests” can also show up as naysayers (skeptical or critical), new fears arising that we hadn’t considered, self-doubt, suddenly wishing for our old lifestyle and the comfort of the known, something going wrong (because nothing is ever perfect—especially the first time ‘round), and wondering if we can trust ourselves and others, to name a few.

And then we have to decide—is this path worth it?

Sometimes when challenges come up from inside us and around us, it IS a signal we’re on the wrong path.

But more often tests happen to help us on our new path—to strengthen our resolve and commitment.

The Universe/God/Spirit wants to know we mean business. Are we really in this new thing for the long haul, or will we run at the first sign of trouble? Do we love this new venture enough to keep our attention on it? If not, the challenge could be a way to help clear it out before we get in too deep.

Whatever you are stepping into in your life (work, health, relationships, financial changes, or new ways of thinking), remember you can trust yourself.

And these bits might help too:

  1. Even if your people don’t agree, they’re still your people. In other words, people don’t have to agree with you to love you. Stay on course and stop trying to bring everyone along.
  2. When we feel solid in ourselves and our decisions, it’s a lot harder for people to throw us off track. So, if they’re throwing shade, it’s not totally their issue—it’s our work to stay solid.
  3. When you’re sailing in new directions, never give (or accept) ultimatums. Ultimatums are a classic example of force. True power never comes from force—it comes from love.
  4. Remember that EVERYONE who does something new or radical to help make the world (or their own world) better gets criticized at first. It’s practically law.
  5. As Danielle LaPorte says, “You don’t need to burn the dock to push off your boat.” Just because you’re stepping into something better for you, doesn’t mean the place you pushed off from isn’t still wonderful.
  6. Honour it all. Love it all. Set sail.

Beautiful people, I’ve been away for a bit, so I’d love to hear about your inner and outer adventures, in the comments below. Are you stepping into something new in your life? Let’s help each other be brave.

So much love,


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