Lately it seems everyone’s talking about vulnerability, authenticity, and the power of speaking our truth. For those of us who have been craving the real deal, it’s like a dark heavy blanket is finally being lifted.

It’s exciting, liberating, intense–and sometimes downright scary.

Social media is one of the reasons truth is hot right now.

Before I completely lose you, know that I realize social media has its dark side. It can feed our addictive and reclusive ways, and take us away from nature, human touch, and real-time community. It can be a feeding ground for self-obsession and narcissism–think selfie-syndrome! But like everything, it has both light and shadow.

On the positive side, social media has placed the news back in the hands of the people.

Growing up with TV, radio, magazines and print, most of us were spoon-fed a very specific media diet designed by a few elite, global families. At the time we didn’t know we were being programmed in consumerism, competition, fear, and service to power outside ourselves. Social media has allowed us to see a broader perspective–direct from the people–that was never possible with traditional news.

And because humans are basically good, we can now see there’s much more to this world than purchasing, hoarding, perfectionism, warring, and mad-dash running from ourselves to keep up with impossible ideals. There’s a grassroots movement toward being real–and it’s ironic that technology has helped speed up our awareness of it!

On the global stage, truth is finally in fashion. But how does this change our personal relationships?

Because we’re all connected to the new global transparency, it’s impacting our personal life in a big way. Secrets are coming out of closets (and mouths) at an astonishing rate, and what we once tried to ignore or deny, is stomping its feet, demanding attention.

Especially if we don’t ground and center ourselves, it can overload our emotional circuits, and seem like too much to handle. But as difficult as it is, it’s happening to help us grow into something better than we once were.
Hidden truths surface to help us live more authentic, purposeful, and meaningful lives. We deserve to live a life unburdened by heavy secrets. We deserve to have true intimacy and connection. We deserve to be surrounded by people we trust.

In order to attract trustworthy people, we have to be trustworthy ourselves.

When we first get serious about speaking our truth, it doesn’t always go the way we planned. Honest, vulnerable, authentic communication takes practice. Especially in a society where fake was once in favour.

If we speak our truth with reckless abandon, we can wreck a lot.

Truth without patience, compassion, and personal responsibility can make life messier than it needs to be. We can damage relationships and opportunities, or create unnecessary stress for ourselves and others.
But it doesn’t have to unfold that way.

This Joycast has some key concepts to help you on your journey of speaking your truth. Listen to all the messages, or use your intuition to choose from T, W, or F for a personal reading that gives you a specific concept to work with right now.

Never forget you are not alone in this transformation. We’re all on this wild ride together.

I’m so grateful for you,



Brenda Dowell says

Tamika, your work and your willingness to show up everyday no matter what is swirling around in life continues to inspire me! I feel empowered watching you as you practice & live more fully each day!


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