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Tamika Shilbe


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“Speak your truth with intention. Not to change someone else, but for your own freedom.”

Tamika Schilbe is a shining light. The way in which she leads a group or works one-on-one is full of grace, depth, and deep presence. She has a beautiful way with words, a profound love of the truth, and a powerful way of helping others to realize their strengths, talents, and abilities. I’ve had the honour of both being her student and working alongside her. In both capacities, I’ve witnessed and been a recipient of her loving support, clarity of vision, compassion, wisdom, and joy. She also knows how to “get down to business” in a way that is clear, grounded, and full of connection and insight. It is a gift to know Tamika and to witness the effect she has on all who have the privilege of working with her.

Brenda McMorrow

International Kirtan Leader, White Swan Recording Artist

Sharing your world, your friends, the students you guide, the families you touch—I loved it all. You are gifted in so many talents of the spirit.

Brahmanand, Don Stapleton

Co-Founder of Nosara Yoga Institute

Tamika embodies unconditional love, is utterly charming in her regard of the world and its vicissitudes, and enchants all around her with her sparkling spirit. God Bless Tamika!

Stewart Pearce

Sound Healer, Master of Voice, Voice Coach to Diana Princess of Wales

Tamika, I just really want to say thank you. I feel inspired by you! Your truth passion and love was felt. You’re amazing! What you were saying was exactly how I felt and exactly what I needed. I felt like you were speaking to me one on one. I am so grateful for the openness and love I’ve received. I’ve never been a part of something so positive and supportive. Your truth is inspirational! You woke up a part of me that I’ve been suppressing for a long time. It made me feel warm and bright! Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I was so happy to meet you in person!

Lindsay Parr

Tamika, I realized the death of my soul was imminent if I didn’t make a change. I found my voice and am continually working on using truth, and nonviolence to communicate my truth. It’s truly freeing, and scary at the same time. You evoked this idea for me and I will forever be grateful. I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity of knowing you and would sing it from a metaphorical mountain top! Your words can change our world.

Shauna Balger


You have taught me so much and continue to. I feel good about myself! I feel confident in my abilities as a teacher, guide, leader, mom, grandma, woman, friend, and healer. Thank you so much, Tamika, for being such a positive and supportive love and light in my life!

Wendy Varana Brown