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Heartfelt Moments in a Mixed Up World

December 18, 2020
Do you ever find yourself pausing lately when someone asks “how are you?” It’s a tough question to answer in these unbelievable times. If we’re honest with ourselves, how we are is complicated. The other morning, I watched kids running…

When It’s Hard to Forgive

September 8, 2020
If you’ve ever had your heart trampled, you know how difficult it can be to forgive. You might want to forgive, but not be ready yet. You might find yourself striving in that direction but don’t feel a sense of…

Everyone Loves You

April 26, 2020
Pinned halfway down the dishwasher—at her eye level—was a handwritten note from her Aunt Ondrea with the words Everyone Loves You, Luna. Luna trotted by these words every day—and they were true. Anyone who didn’t love her didn’t know her…