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What Atlantis and Lemuria Teach us About Today

December 19, 2021
You’ve overcome so much in your life—long before 2020—and made a giant difference in this world, just by being you. Don’t ever forget how important you are. Your unique gifts add colour and brilliance to this world. …

You Complete Me + The Inner Smile Meditation

August 5, 2021
“You complete me.” It was 1996, but I still remember feeling lightheaded when Tom Cruise said that line to Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire. It’s embarrassing to admit, but what 26-year-old wouldn’t swoon over a love like that?…

Heartfelt Moments in a Mixed Up World

December 18, 2020
Do you ever find yourself pausing lately when someone asks “how are you?” It’s a tough question to answer in these unbelievable times. If we’re honest with ourselves, how we are is complicated. The other morning, I watched kids running…