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Feeding Hungry Ghosts

March 12, 2019
I used to walk in a wooded trail system with lots of coyotes. When coyotes were around, people were (understandably) nervous. On occasion, people were chased to their cars. Folks didn’t realize that running away is the worst thing you…

I Heard a Rumour About Myself

November 5, 2018
I heard a rumour about myself. And it hurt. It hurt a lot. Especially because I’d given so much to this person. As helpless as I felt, I knew I had a choice: I could either fire that judgement back…

Why Blessed is Messed

September 10, 2018
Have you ever said “I’m so blessed,” when something beautiful happens? I certainly have. But frankly, sometimes when this phrase comes up, I die a little inside. Have you had this experience too? I’d love to hear from you, in…