It was the final night of my trip back home and I’m on the floor wrestling with an overstuffed suitcase.

Above me 12-year old Anabel tucks into a cozy chair, reading the spiritual qualities of healing foods to our little group of friends:

  • Raspberries heal brain fog and confusion.
  • Mangoes calm and soothe us when we’re under extreme stress.
  • Celery is the professor of simplicity.
  • Asparagus helps us know when to gracefully say good-bye.
  • Artichokes teach us to peel back the armor and trust again.

As Anabel reads Anthony William’s words, we swoon over psychic love letters from pears, apricots, spinach, bananas, and yams. Then she takes requests, looking up our favourite fruits and veggies and sharing their secret superhero powers.

Food-poetry—the perfect distraction from an upcoming good-bye.

We ooh’d and awed and giggled with delight at the recipes in our future.

Everything was going fine until the wild blueberry part.

The wild blueberry gets me every time.

As she read the intentions of blueberries, generations of suffering flooded my heart.

Innocent families passing down heavy metals, undetected viruses, mental health issues, skin and breathing problems, autoimmune, “hormonal issues,” anxiety, depression, allergies, lyme disease, leaky gut, MS, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, arthritis, seasonal sadness—and the list goes on and on.

When used in specific ways, this little berry—and a ton of other foods—are here to heal. According to Anthony, it will take decades for mainstream medical AND the natural health community to understand the root problems.

But thanks to Anthony, we don’t have to wait decades to heal.

As Anabel carefully spoke on behalf of the wild blueberry, everything in the room got quiet and still—except me. I couldn’t stop weeping.

“I’m sure you’ve had an experience in life that leveled you. Something, whether an illness, troubled relationship, or tragic event, that brought you to your knees and practically annihilated your sense of self. Wild Blueberries understand what you’ve been through. They know who you are, the damages you’ve dealt with, and how to help you rise again. Native Americans observed early on that when wildfire occurred, the only thing that would grow in its path afterward were wild blueberry plants—in fact, they would come back   stronger and healthier than ever before. This is the source of the wild    blueberry’s power, not only can it rise from the ashes, it uses those ashes to its benefit. On both ends of the spectrum, in fire and ice, wild blueberries don’t just survive, they triumph. They take an adverse circumstance, meet it, and become better for it. When you eat this supernatural fruit, that indestructible essence becomes part of you.” —Anthony William, from Life-Changing Foods.

Wild blueberries are the Phoenix of the fruit kingdom.

As you’ll hear in the video, you too can rise up from the ashes of illness and be reborn—ya, that sounds kinda preachy but I’m just really EXCITED for us!

If you’re not suffering from a health problem, you can use the information for prevention, balancing, increased energy, or to enhance your yoga practice or sports performance.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a junk-foodie your whole life, or been sick for a long time. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried a zillion programs that didn’t work. Forget about genetics, and forget about anyone said you caused your illness.

You did not make yourself sick.

Your body is on your side. It’s not attacking you.

It loves you—and it’s fighting for you.

Like the wild blueberry, your body will rise up to meet you on this journey. You just need to have patience and give it a chance.

The Medical Medium body of work has unlocked answers to health questions that my family and I have struggled with for generations. I’ve only just begun the protocols, but am feeling the benefits. I’m sharing today because I want you to have this information. We can all heal together!

After you watch, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Are you intrigued? Already working with these protocols?—what have you discovered? Looking forward to connecting!

Wild blueberry love to you,

Join Tamika for her June 1-6 Healing Foods Meditation Retreat on Salt Spring Island. We’ll eat, breathe, and move together in ways that will support healing from illness, grief, trauma, mental exhaustion, and overall stress and burnout. *Please note that Tamika is not affiliated with Anthony William.


Catherine says

Thank you for sharing, Tamika! I love this. As someone who is living with a few different autoimmune diseases, I'm always interested in new (to me) information. I fully believe in the healing power of food (and I love to eat, so it's perfect medicine for me! 🙂). I love the idea that my body is not attacking itself, contrary to the many messages that I have received about autoimmune stuff. Just that shift in perspective alone is powerful! Here's to greater health and relationship with our bodies! ❤️


Tamika says

You're welcome, Catherine. I'm so happy this was helpful. For me, the knowledge of what my autoimmune actually is has created a tremendous shift in itself. It feels like an entirely different situation now. There is so much HOPE! XOXO


Tara Thomas says

Thanks for the book recommendation, bought it today and look forward to reading it! 💕


Brenda says

Tamika - thank you! Thank you for sharing this book with me and thank you for sharing your perspective! It is so refreshing and satisfying to hear your words & feel them resonate for me personally.
I'm so excited to finish reading this book & work with his program to heal myself and thrive.
Love the video of your radiant, blueberry-loving self!
huge hugs, Brenda


Tamika says

Brendaji, I'm so grateful this resonated with you, both intuitively AND from a biological perspective. It's been so affirming hearing you explain the physiology of his theories——and how it makes sense to you from that more technical perspective. I love your brilliant mind and I love you!


Amanda Eriksen says

Thanks for sharing - very intrigued - I often have cravings for fruit – for example, when I was pregnant I would eat an entire cantaloupe a day. I would be interested to see what Mr. William has to stay about these cravings – do they match up with things going on in my life….

I have struggled with IBS and GERD for really my whole life –I was on some very strong medicines which were not for long term use and were not working for me…. but I met the right person who helped me on the right food I am now happily mostly medication free! I love food - and am glad its good for me!! I have added this book to my to read list!


Tamika says

Amanda, I love it that you found someone to support you that way—it's a huge success story. According to Anthony, cantaloupe are very soothing to the emotions (anxiety, nervousness, PTSD etc), and one of the top healing foods. Your body knew exactly what it needed to grow a baby! I think the whole planet could use a bit more cantaloupe right now. Thanks for bringing this's not my favourite food, but I'm going to give it a second chance!
PS: You can follow Medical Medium on Instagram if you're so inclined. There's tons of food-specific info there. Thanks for connecting today! XOXO


Hasana says

"Your body has not failed you, your body has not given up on you, your body is actually fighting for you". I read these words three days ago and they just keep getting more comforting and more healing. Thank you...


Tamika says

You're so welcome, Hasana. So much love to you and your loyal, hard-working, courageous body! xOM


Wendy Brown says

Tamika ! , Your posting and video arrived just when I needed it. My body had some sort of stomach bug and I was so sick on Thursday, however by mid afternoon I was craving fruit ! , an apple ! A couple hours later I was craving a banana, and that is all I seemed to be able to get into my system, and all that I wanted. Interesting. And then I listened to your video - WOW ! In reflection, particularly since my hospital visit, I crave and eat fruit on a regular basis. I also noted when packing my lunches for training weekends, that fruit is the majority of the daily intake. I always equated it to dehydration - perhaps there is more to it. Thank you so much for so much insight. Hugs and love always xoxo


Tamika says

Thank you for sharing, Wendy. What you shared makes so much sense—children want fruit (more than veggies) when they're growing, and we want fruit when we're healing. The sugars in fruit are incredibly important for the body for many reasons, and also contain the sunshine of the places they were grown in—meaning, it's okay to ship fruit from a faraway place to heal and get revitalized in the dreary winter! I'm not a food expert, but I've been amazed by Anthony Williams's work -- it's helping me and so many others. Love to you & hope you're all better now XO


Maggie says

Book is coming to me !!!
My brother sent me the info on this guy almost 3 years ago,when I first started experiencing environmental sensitives, I paid no attention to it - now hearing what you have said - it just makes sense !! I am ordering the book as soon as I finish this comment :) . (When the student is ready :) )
My doctors have used those exact words" YOUR BODY IS ATTACKING YOU "and have also suggested "it's all in your head"
I have always believed my body is protecting me and the sensitivities are a gift. They tell me to "be cautious around technology" I experience things many don't understand.(even the doctors) In the beginning I was ashamed, felt like I was "crazy", was also ridiculed by many in my community, I stopped talking, shrank and fell into a whole so deep that I couldn't get out of on my own..
Now I stand up for me, for my body and for MY TRUTH ..
I am the proverbial canary in the coal mine" when it comes to "technology" and how it affect us on a cellular/spiritual and physical level. The wind turbines erected around my home ( out of greed, not out of true desire to help the planet) opened me up to a wide variety of electro-sensitivities. When something is motivated by greed, no matter what it is, how can it be good?
I am learning how to help my body heal and protect myself at the same time ..This book just may be another level of healing :) Very excited to read it ...
This whole experience has taught me to stand in my truth no MATTER what other people think!!! I have learned so much from my body and this experience <3 . I now have people coming to me and sharing their symptoms and experiences, asking for advise and how to help/protect themselves. I do believe it is all about "community" sharing and helping and building ...
I am looking forward to reading this book . Thank you Tamika for sharing this info:) Will get back to u with my thoughts on the book <3


Tamika says

Maggie, I am SO VERY EXCITED FOR YOU! It amazes me how these things come at exactly the right time. And now you are helping others who need support for the turbine issues too. It's all so amazing, and you're so right—it's all about community sharing, helping and building together——not for competition or greed. We are watching a new world being born and I'm so grateful we're on the planet at the same time! XOXO


Vickie says

Thank you for the video and book recommendation Tamika! Brenda also recommended the book to me. I have been craving and eating wild blueberries daily for the past 6 months! How profound that I am going through a massive transformation that my body, heart and soul had to prepare for. So much wisdom in our bodies. Thank you 💕💕


Tamika says

I love it that you've been craving wild blueberries! Keep me posted on how it all goes. Love to you, sister xOM


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