I’m Sorry 😐

Posted by Tamika on March 21, 2018

Maybe I used the word “crappy” twice in this video because saying sorry can feel so crappy. But it doesn’t have to. “I’m sorry,” is only yucky in a world where we’re expected to be perfect. We’re all so…

Stepping Out

Posted by Tamika on February 21, 2018

Wake up, pee, yoga (think rolling around on the floor), meditate, celery juice, build fire, more pee, walk dog, smoothie, work, werk, work, werk…. These are the fabulous and monotonous mornings of my life. Turns out I love auto-pilot.

Are you Mountain, Driftwood, or Sea?

Posted by Tamika on February 6, 2018

Use your intuition to select one of these three elements—Mountain, Driftwood, or Sea. Brenda Dowell and I share a little Tofino with you in this Joycast. Tofino is off Canada’s west coast and part of Vancouver Island. It’s wild, natural,…

Befuddled? (Video) 5 Ways to Cope with Speeded up Times

Posted by Tamika on January 21, 2018

Hello, beautiful. Life is moving fast, isn’t it? Speeded up times can leave us spinning in all directions, especially if we aren’t grounded and focused. Here’s 5 tips in 5 minutes—’cause I know you’re busy! What’s your way of managing…

Have you had a truthache lately? I have!

Posted by Tamika on January 9, 2018

Speaking our truth is essential to living a life of peace. By Guest Contributor Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Tari Mack Today I interviewed an amazing women whose work centers around helping people discover what their truths are, and how to…