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I Love You—Now Change

May 1, 2018
Trying to change someone never works—so why do we keep doing it? And why do other people do it to us? If this hit home for you, let me know, in the comments below. To your freedom, Tamika…

Brutal Honesty

April 4, 2018
I barely got through this video because of the ruckus above my head. I picked the one spot on the beach underneath a crow’s nest. Crows have a reputation for being magical, mysterious, shape-shifters. They’re considered good omens, bringing luck,…

I’m Sorry 😐

March 21, 2018
Maybe I used the word “crappy” twice in this video because saying sorry can feel so crappy. But it doesn’t have to. “I’m sorry,” is only yucky in a world where we’re expected to be perfect. We’re all so…