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Treelicious Joycast

July 27, 2017
Growing up, trees were my people. They calmed me down like nothing else could. When I wondered if I’d ever find my place in the world, trees held space. Growing up, trees were part of my family’s livelihood. Once a…

Forbidden Love in Venice—and Malta Joycast

May 3, 2017
When most people think about Venice, Italy, they picture renaissance art, gothic palaces, and romantic gondola rides. Venice was dreamy for me too. But my head-over-heels moment was a bit different. I was at St. Mark’s Square having a…

Energetic Shields: Four Simple Ways to Protect Your Energy

April 6, 2017
There are so many things we do every day to keep ourselves safe and protected. We buy insurance. We bring a raincoat when it rains, and sunscreen on a scorching day. We protect our passwords—and remember them for five whole…