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Life Is Better When We Speak Our Truth

Where, When, and How We Speak It Is Different For Everyone.

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Video: Shrink or Stand Tall

January 12, 2017
New Year’s Eve was dicey—delayed flights, missed connections, sleeping in airports and stuck in Rome when I should have been in Malta. I realize travel is a privilege and there are worse problems than missed flights. But running through…

Video: My Intolerable Toilet Roll—Why December Needs Your Attention

December 16, 2016
Thank goodness it’s still 2016. Before the year is over, we still have time to tidy up a thing or two and make room for some fresh new energy in our lives. I’m writing today because we’re in a big…

Video: Cord-Cutting for Troubled Relationships—When Talking Doesn’t Help

December 7, 2016
We humans have a deep desire to be understood. When someone “gets us”—really understands where we’re coming from—it feels amazing. Without meaningful connection, life can feel empty and isolating. Spoken communication is one way we create connection in relationships.