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Six Ways to Stop Bearing the Weight of the World Alone: The Celtic Vow of Friendship

November 15, 2017
Hitting record on our sisterhood pow wow, I had a wave of nausea and panic. Talking about it afterward, Brenda and Carolyn said they felt something similar. Brenda was shaking from an adrenaline rush, and Carolyn had a moment of…

Good Grief: The Only Way Out is Through

November 7, 2017
Loss never gives us that bouncy, jump out of bed feeling. It’s not meant to. Grief and loss are heavy stuff. But overcoming, transforming, and rising stronger than ever—there’s some nice words we can get excited about! Ugh—can’t we just…

Remembering Jaiya

September 26, 2017
I’ve loved animals since I was a kid. I didn’t have siblings around growing up, so I spent my spare time with the animals on our farm, domestic and wild. My first dog Duke was a troublemaker, always up for…